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Tue, 03 Apr 2007

Oh no he didn't!

Zakaria says Ban Ki Moon (the incoming South Korean UN Sec Gen) is a colorless and ineffective technocrat. Juicy words by somebody who may well be the American Secretary of State some day, and on somebody who's fairly important.

This week's Foreign Exchange is really worth watching also for Zakaria's interview with a Japanese journalist. The interview was about the comfort women in WW-II issue and Japan's supposed intransigence in admitting-- or repenting!-- its official and forcible use of Korean and Chinese women as prostitutes. The Jap journo went on a big rant on (1) Japan's already repented and has been punished enough for WW-II (A-Bombs, tribunals, reparations...) and (2) there is an amount of racism in ganging up on Japan and (3) what not. Lovely rant to watch. Really. He also made some points that the Japanese are usually unwilling to say this bluntly. The relevant segment starts at around 11:20 min into the video.

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