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Mon, 06 Aug 2007

Governments Without Accountability

That's what NGOs are, as described by Martin Wolf. These are other funny tidbits in Zakaria's interview of Paul Collier, the author of Bottom Billion, a book about why the poorest countries aren't doing better. His prescription, as many others have said before, is to make it easier for the poor countries like Rwanda to sell their wares to the West. This has traditionally been hard, especially selling to Europeans (who are masters of indirect trade-barriers). The other thing he suggests is the use of external force (by U.N. peacekeepers, for example) in establishing order in a war-torn country. Here's the video (the NGO discussion starts around the 12min mark):

I'm increasingly of the opinion that one of the best things India can do for stability in its neighborhood is to open its markets completely to its neighbors (except Pakistan and China). In fact, it might even be worth taking the lead by opening Indian markets first and giving Nepal/Bangladesh/Srilanka, say, 5 years before they open theirs.

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