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Tue, 20 Dec 2005

Oh Puhleez...

So Sourav Ganguly is out of the cricket team again. And this time there was quite a bit of hue-and-cry. But the most interesting take on this comes not from India, but from Pakistan. A Pakistani columnist in the Dawn detects caste equations in the ouster of Sourav Da. Come on, they can do better than that! Sourav Da's caste was probably the farthest thing from selectors and Dravid's and Greg Chappell's minds. This caste thing is such a cheap shot!

It's actually sad that I often hear/read more about India's big caste problem from non-Indian blogs and websites than from other Indian friends. In my generation, caste just seems not to matter much. Indeed, any caste-related angst in our generation seems to be product of precisely that one policy that our forefathers thought would lessen caste distinctions- affirmative action and reservation in public sector. Granted that, in villages the problem still exists in a very significant way. But there it has more to do with class and haves-vs-have-nots issues than anything else.

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