MEng Projects Meng Project Offer (December 2006)
At the moment I am looking ofr just one student to help with a project to build a virtual machine on top of a cell phone. Virtual machines are gaining popularity. VMWare is doing a brisk business. But virtual machines are inefficient in both cpu power and memory.

Cell phones, PDA's and other portable devices usually have a very limitted amount of memory (although it is growing) and usually have an ARM processor as the main computtional engine. There are a variety of operating systems, windows mobile, symbian, palm, linux, ...

The challenge is to build a very light weight vm and abstract the devices on handhelds. There are lots of good reasons to do this; my personal favorite is to have my phone environment move to my desktop when I get to my office.

I am looking for someone who is a system's person and likes cell phones. If interested send me email (rudolph at csail).