Ryan Lee


I'm part of the DIG research group at CSAIL. More specifically, I work on Semantic Web stuff as a developer on the SIMILE project. I also wrote my master's thesis while a student at MIT with W3C. I run my own site at ryanlee.org.


I am full time on the SIMILE project, developing a suite of tools for browsing and manipulating arbitrary metadata within a federated architecture (making use of DSpace) in the context of library work and research but with an eye on general application to Semantic Web data. Our work makes use of the Semantic Web core stack (RDF, RDFS, OWL) mostly using Java.

I occasionally jot some notes down in the DIG research journal.


32 Vassar Street 32G-506
Cambridge, MA 02139

Ryan Lee <ryanlee@csail.mit.edu>

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