About NB

NB is an annotation taking tool developed by the Haystack Group at CSAIL. Students and Faculty can use NB to annotate arbitrary PDF files online, in a collaborative fashion. Visit NB site

What's new ?

March, 8 2009 New layout for NB (beta version) at http://nb.csail.mit.edu/?t=p11.
  • It uses a window manager metaphor, that lets you minimize all the stuff you don't need when annotating a PDF. To restore a minimized window, just click on that wondow title in the taskbar
  • It has that zoom in and zoom out feature many people have asked me
  • Some basic filters have been implemented so you can only select those notes that you want to see.
Please keep in mind this is still beta. Some features haven't been implemented yet (such as marking some notes as "helpful", but I'm working on it) and I haven't had time to try it as much as the regular UI.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


NB has been designed with the academic community in mind, it uses no encryption, doesn't try too hard to protect itself from malicious users, stores cookies on your computer for quite a long time (unless you log out)... To summarize, don't put confidential information on NB !

NB is a research project and we can't provide any kind of warranty including, but not limited to the availability of the service, the confidentiality of your annotations, the vulnerability of NB to computer attacks etc...