NB Tutorial

Welcome to NB 2.0! With NB, you can jot notes in the margins of the lecture notes, and receive feedback on those comments from your faculty and classmates. You can see it as a sort of online forum sitting on top of the actual lecture notes.

A Guided Tour of NB from Sacha Zyto on Vimeo.

This short video tutorial depicts a typical NB usage scenario.
Also, before you dive in, please note that:

NB Homepage - explained

Let's take a look at the features that are available from the NB homepage:

A Collage View - explained

As soon as you hover over a note with your mouse, NB marks that this note has been seen, so that it won't show in the New (i.e Unseen) Notes Views in the future.

PDF Reader View - explained

The main commands specifically available when reading a PDF are shown below.

In order to write a new comment,drag on any region of the material. An editor, like the one below opens, where you can type your comment.