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.::DRESD How To (Dow2)
.:: Reconfigurable Computing Italian Meeting - 19 December, 2008 - room S01, Politecnico di Milano - Milan (Italy)[More information]

Teaching activities

a.a. 09/10 Courses

Progetti di Ingegneria Informatica (It) - Polimi - Second Semester, Prof. Marco D. Santambrogio (Course webpage)
High Performance and Processors and Systems (Eng) - Second Semester, Prof.ssa D. Sciuto
Sistemi Operativi (It) - Unimi - First/Second Semester, Prof. V. Piuri
Advanced Computer Architecture (CS/ECE/MENG 466) - Graduate Course - UIC, Spring Semester, Prof. Marco D. Santambrogio

The complete list of all my teaching activities is available at this [link].

Polimi: Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy.
Unimi: Universita' degli studi di Milano, Milano, Italy
ALaRI: Advanced Learning and Research Institute, University of Lugano, Switzerland
UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois - USA


Postdoc Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, USA;
Ph.D. degree in Information Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy;
Master degree in Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, USA;
Laurea in Computer Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.


Progetto Rocca Post-doc Fellowship

December, 2008 - he has been awarded a Progetto Rocca Post-doc Fellowship. .

Dimitri N. Chorafas PhD Thesis Award

From the Chorafas Foundation (Berne, Switzerland) for the best PhD Theses in Systems Engineering and Information Technology May 2008. Thesis title: Hardware/Software codesign methodologies for dynamically reconfigurable systems.

Best paper award

15th International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration, IFIP VLSI-SoC 2007, ReCPU: a Parallel and Pipelined Architecture for Regular Expression Matching.

Research Areas

Computer Architectures && Embedded system design;
Dynamic reconfiguration in embedded system - [link];
Operating Systems;
HW/SW Codesign;
Combinatorial Optimization.

Research Interests:

The research interests cover mainly the computer architecture and design automation areas:

Self-adaptable and autonomic systems

A self-adaptive and autonomic computing system is a system able to configure, heal, optimize and protect itself without the need for human intervention. Therefore, aim of this research is to develop performance models and prototypes of software and hardware components required to support the operating system and enable the same application to achieve its goals while working on different systems.

Research && Education

how to create a win-win game where research and the students experience are positively influenced one other.

Methodologies for dynamic reconfiguration in embedded system

Aim of this research is the definition of methodologies and tools for implementing dynamic reconfigurable systems, through the exploration of the solution space, in order to evaluate the most effective solutions that are compatible with the design constraints.

Operating System support for reconfigurable computing

Develop an operating system, for FPGA-based architecture, able to determine where a module should be configured, and to provide an interface towards the final user in order to request a hardware application in a simplified way. The operating system has to be able to manage on-demand module configuration on an FPGA while providing a set of high-level abstractions to user applications.

Methodologies for hardware/software co-design of embedded systems

Aim of this research work is the development of a methodology and a set of tools for capturing specifications of control-dominated systems, design space exploration, hardware/software partitioning, co-synthesis and co-simulation.


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