WTP Computer Science, Summer 2006

Welcome to the website for the MIT Women's Technology Program Computer Science class! This class uses the Java language to introduce computer science and programming concepts including object-oriented design, program flow control, modularity, abstraction, algorithms, and data structures.

The class meets at 9:00 AM (Group 2) and 11:00 AM (Group 1) in room 32-044 in the basement of the Stata Center (also known as Building 32). We will occasionally hold optional evening sessions in the same room; watch your email for announcements.


Sara Su sarasu

Teaching Assistants:
Shauni Deshmukh shauni
Katherine Klesch klesch
Holli Rachall wicked

* All email addresses are @mit.edu


Lab groups
Final project teams


Date Topics Covered Problem Sets & Handouts Assigned Readings

M 06/26 Course overview,
Introduction to Unix
Problem Set 1 (solutions)

Introduction to Athena
Introduction to HTML
Email and Zephyr
Downey pp. 1-12
Core pp. 35-38

T 06/27 Beginning to program,
Types of errors
Problem Set 2 (solutions)

Introduction to Eclipse
Downey pp. 13-24, 52-53, 65
Core pp. 39-50

W 06/28 Variables and types,
Operators and precedence
Problem Set 3 (solutions)
Downey pp. 23-33, 47-54
Core pp. 58-64, 122-123

R 06/29 Input/output,
Static methods
Problem Set 4 (solutions)
Downey pp. 35-39, 66-70, 79-93
Core pp. 65-79

F 06/30 Control structures Problem Set 5 (solutions)

M 07/03 Review Problem Set 6 Downey pp. 121-129

T 07/04 Holiday - No class

W 07/05 Arrays Problem Set 7 (solutions)

R 07/06 Algorithms Problem Set 8 (solutions)
Downey pp. 39-40, 47-58

F 07/07 Recursion Problem Set 9 (solutions)
Downey pp. 79-86, 93-100

M 07/10 Object-oriented programming Problem Set 10 (solutions) Downey pp. 105-115, 133-143

T 07/11 Classes and inheritance Problem Set 11 (solutions) Core pp. 245-261, 285-290

W 07/12 Final project Final project introduction
Final project details

R 07/13 Final project

F 07/14 Final project

M 07/17 Motor building

T 07/18 Motor building

W 07/19 Motor building

R 07/20 Motor building

F 07/21 Final presentations


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