Battle Road 2000 - The 225th

April 14 - 17, 2000

Our Heritage Through Living History

Battle Road

Lexington Minute Men

2nd Massachusetts Regiment

4th Middlesex Regiment/85ème Régiment de Saintonge

1st Foot Guards

5th Regiment of Foot

10th Regiment of Foot


Stand your ground; don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here. -Captain Parker

Whoever looks upon them as an irregular mob will find himself much mistaken, they have men amongst them who know very well what they are about. -Lord Percy


Xxx Xxxxx, Chairman
xx Xxxx Xx
Xxxx, XX xxxxx
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Artisan, Citizen, Soldier
the people of 1775 Lexington

Join us as we explore

Eighteenth Century Life as experienced by the people of Lexington
in their dedication to God, their role in the community,
their craftsmanship and work, and their duty in the militia.

We are seeking interested persons willing and able to set up period appropriate demonstrations.

Join us as we present this living history demonstration to the public on Sunday, April 16th at the Buckman Tavern, across from Lexington Green.

Planned Activities

11 a.m. The Rev. Mr. Emerson will conduct the Sabbath service, reflecting upon the late action of Lexington and Concord.

noon to 4:00 p.m. Demonstrations of work and craft by both men and women, militia drilling, children's crafts & games, and drilling the public.

What Is Needed

Craft or Activity

We are seeking persons who can set up their own 'craft' or activity on the lawn of Buckman Tavern in a period appropriate way. Set-up should be complete by 10:30 a.m. and will proceed through the Rededication Ceremony of the Minuteman Statue (taking place across the street) through 4 p.m.

Drilling and Games

We are also seeking persons or units willing to set up drilling and game areas for the public to participate in. We would have you demonstrate a drill as a unit and then drill the public with wooden muskets. Then we are looking for persons to set up and man games and activities or crafts for kids. Suggestions welcome. If you don't have ideas but like working with kids, sign up anyway; we have ideas.

Sabbath Service

Since the Sabbath service was very much a part of our 18th century past we would like to show the importance of it with full 'town' attendance staying for the entire service. If you've never heard Henry Cooke preach -- and the sermon will be in accordance of the recent activities of the 19th -- and then line out a hymn or two, you're in for a treat!


Basket maker
Bell Founder
Button maker
Calico printer
Mustard maker
Needle worker
Paper maker
Powder maker
School master
Snuff maker
Soap maker
Stone Cutter
Stay Maker
Wig Maker
Wood Carver

...and the list
goes on...

............clip the following form and return it to the address below............

Battle Road 2000

Registration For Artisan, Citizen, Soldier
Sunday, April 16th
Buckman Tavern Green, Lexington, MA

Your Name: _________________________________

Unit Affiliation: _______________________________


I would like to demonstrate (craft or activity)____________________________________
(No actual selling.)

I, or my unit would like to demonstrate drilling: _________________________________

I, or my unit would like to run a segment of Games, Activities or the Children's Craft Area: _________________________________________

I would like to attend the Sabbath Service (appx. 20 minutes): _______________________
Registration is not required but we'd like to get a general count. Bring your camp stools!

I am able to provide benches for the public to sit and join us for the service and then take care of their removal after the service: __________________________

............clip the preceding form and return it to the address below............

Please return your registration information to The Battle Road Committee Attn: Xxx Xxxx at
Or:96 Green Road
Bolton, MA 01740

You will be contacted to discuss set-up details and given further information for the day's event.

Thanks for joining us!

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