Battle Road 2000 - The 225th

April 14 - 17, 2000

Our Heritage Through Living History

Battle Road

Lexington Minute Men

2nd Massachusetts Regiment

4th Middlesex Regiment/85ème Régiment de Saintonge

1st Foot Guards

5th Regiment of Foot

10th Regiment of Foot


Stand your ground; don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here. -Captain Parker

Whoever looks upon them as an irregular mob will find himself much mistaken, they have men amongst them who know very well what they are about. -Lord Percy


Xxx Xxxxx, Chairman
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Xxxx, XX xxxxx
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Quartermaster's Rules

An Introduction to

The Camp of the Provincials

at Lexington, Massachusetts

By Lt. Xxx Xxxxx, Quartermaster

As our strength congregates in New England, my staff is busily gathering provisions and amenities to ensure that none of the Brave Volunteers will go for want. Though the tasks we perform prior to the camp opening may be overlooked, they are essential to ensuring a smooth, safe and educational experience for all. I believe such efforts combined with your cooperation will result in a job well done that we can look back on with glowing satisfaction. Finally, as true success is linked to good communication, it will also be important to pass along to each of your unit members these Rules & Guidelines of the Camp.


The camp will be structured in the British Army design of 1764. Each battalion will camp together as a block with volunteers & NCOs fore, followed by sub-alterns & officers and the kitchen areas aft. Along with a Brigade Quartermaster & Sergeant, there will be three other Quartermaster Sergeants -- one for each battalion. Your QM sergeant will assign you & your unit a space after you have registered. We will be distinguished by a coloured armband. Please seek us out before unloading any equipment. It is my intention that each participant set up their respective camps only the correct spot.


Information regarding your QM Sergeant, battalion and company designation, and camp and kitchen areas will be disclosed at the registration area. If you arrive in the middle of the night, please seek out and wake the Quartermaster or a Quartermaster Sergeant. Our tents will be conspicuously placed and labeled. You may bring your vehicle into camp from noon Thursday through Friday afternoon. After dark on Friday, access to the camp will be via a perimeter road which runs adjacent to the kitchen and parade areas. There will be no vehicles allowed into camp once it officially opens. The actual time will be defined by the Brigade Adjutant and passed along to participants via their Battalion Adjutants and Company First Sergeants. Additional information regarding camp stores & resupplies will be passed along in a like manner.

Please remember to drive with care in and around the camps where children might be present.


During the set-up of the camp, the parking lot on site can be used temporarily. It will have to be vacated by 9:00 pm Friday, as it becomes the bus terminal for early Saturday morning battalion departures. Weekend parking will be 1/2 mile away, accessible by foot via a nature trail / exercise path.


The lines will be laid to accommodate 10' long wedges (without flys). It is expected that most participants will be using these standard size wedge tents unless they have received a commission. Please plan accordingly. There will be an 18th century overflow area should your battalion end up with an overabundance of large wedges, walls or marquees.

As officers and NCOs are being assigned for this event, please note the following guideline:

  • First Sergeants - Wedge (standard or large)
  • Sub-altern - Wall
  • Captain - Wall

If there is a need for families to remain together, this might be facilitated by using like-sized tents. Otherwise, the overflow area should prove suitable.

The kitchen flys will be set in a line without regard to their respective battalions. Due to space constraints we must limit each unit to one kitchen fly and cannot allow empty spaces. The line will be filled from one end to the other. Space for wedges to store provisions will be factored into one side of the fly row.

If you have a special impression which you would like to include in camp, (surgeon, field tavern, forge, &c.) please contact the Quartermaster, Xxx Xxxxx (xxx-xxx-xxxx), so that arrangements can be made ahead of time. We would like to accommodate a diverse cross section of activities to educate the public.


April in New England can be very foul or extremely fair. Often it explores both options in short order. Plan for the foul and be pleasantly surprised. Night-time temperatures average in the 30's-40's. Consider bringing sleeping bags, pads, waterproof ground cloths and a wool stocking cap to wear to bed. Our early start will mean cool temperatures to begin; yet on a good day, they can reach nearly 70 degrees. Dress in layers that can be removed and carried in a haversack or blanket roll. There is always the possibility of wet snow, sleet or remnants of its melting. Therefore bring a change of clothes to keep dry. This is also important if the weather is warm. Daytime perspiration will cool you down at night.


Please be advised that under no condition will any flame be permitted in tents or in the tent lines. Fires must be in the kitchen area and attended at all times.

The Camp

Both the Regular and Provincial camps will share the same field. The Sutlers will be directly adjacent to us. They should be open by noon on Friday. The engagements will be early both mornings, so plan on going to bed relatively early. While on campaign Saturday and Sunday, there will be some manner of camp supervision by auxiliary police or security. It will still be necessary to secure all personal and kitchen belongings before leaving. We will provide wood and straw. There will be water spigots at various points in camp.


In order to put forth the best possible image we will be policing the camps prior to their opening to the public. Unit commanders should advise all members to comply with your QM sergeant's request regarding the following circumstances.

  • No baled straw around camp as seats -- only in tents.
  • Coolers to be kept out of sight -- preferably in tents.
  • No beer bottles in sight during public hours.
  • No flags or camp colors other than those designated by the Colonel.
  • Keep excess camp furniture to a minimum.
  • Use lantern posts only at night.
  • No discharge of firelocks in camp.


I hope that the communication at the event will flow both ways. We need to know what the shortcomings are so that they can be remedied. Please come to us with any issues regarding the port-a-johns, straw, wood, water, ice, &c. May the Almighty favor our camp and eliminate all obstacles to the Success of the Colonies!

On behalf of the whole Quartermaster staff, thank you in advance for your utmost cooperation.

Lt. Xxx Xxxxx

Home Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Work Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

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