2010 Activities and Events

Foodways: Preserving the Harvest: Saturday, Oct 30, 2010 — 10am to 4pm, Minute Man National Historic Park, Rte 2A Lincoln, MA, Hartwell Tavern

Take part in a living history day at Hartwell Tavern where we will be ensuring our food supply for the winter and early spring by employing period food preservation techniques. From meat to fruits and vegetables you'll be able to both watch and participate in preparing foodstuffs for winter storage. Before refrigeration, one had to utilize a variety of methods to make harvest last. You'll learn how drying, pickling, salting, brining, cellaring and canning were done, as well as how some of these foods were reconstituted for later use.

If your kit meets the Battle Road clothing guidelines (www.battleroad.org) we encourage you to come in your 18th century clothing, otherwise please come in your moderns.

Several of the team will be preparing food for lunch. If you'd like to join us for lunch, please let me know by Oct 15—there is be a $5 donation to reimburse the cooks. Registration for the workshop is not required but is recommended and admission is free.

Fee: Free.

To register and/or sign up for lunch contact: stephzsmith@gmail.com.