2010 Hive Workshops

Frock Coat or Jacket with Henry Cooke

English Gown Workshop with Hallie Larkin & Steph Smith

Warner's Knapsack with the 10th Mass.

Bonnet Workshop with Sue Felshin

A Fashionable Pair of 1770s Stays with Hallie Larkin & Steph Smith

Make a Powder Horn

Making Horsehair Fabric Cockades


Staymaking Workshop  

Frock Coat or Jacket

The Battle Road clothing standards have been updated to require a frock coat or jacket for all civilian/militia men. Henry Cooke will be conducting two sessions throughout the winter season to help you update your kit.

Session 1:
Saturday, January 16, 2010 Noah Brooks Tavern 9:30–4:30
Saturday, February 13, 2010 Noah Brooks Tavern 9:30–4:30

Session 2:
Saturday and Sunday, March 13 & 14 — Noah Brooks Tavern 9:30–4:30

Fee: $65 per person covers cost of instruction and pattern. Pre-cut unlined linen frock coat kits are available in brown, blue, or unbleached linen for $100 extra ($150 total for workshop and kit).
To register contact:

English Gown Workshop

Noah Brooks Tavern, Minute Man National Park, Concord, MA

Saturday, January 16 & Saturday, February 13, 2010, 9:30am–4:30pm

Join Hallie Larkin & Steph Smith to construct your new gown in the period manner using an extant gown as a guide. By the end of the second day, your gown will be substantially complete and with only a couple hours more work will be ready to debut at Battle Road (or sooner).

Includes bodice-lining fabric. All fashion fabrics need to be approved by the instructor prior to the workshop.

Cost $100

To register contact: stephzsmith@gmail.com.

Warner's Knapsack Rescheduled to March 13

Saturday, January 16, 2010 10:00-4:30

Noah Brooks Tavern, Minute Man National Park, Concord, MA

Bonnet Workshop

Saturday, February 13, 2010, 9:30–4:30

Noah Brooks Tavern, Minute Man National Park, Concord, MA

Bonnets are everywhere! Bonnets were common headwear for the 18th century woman. Create a black silk bonnet modeled after examples in period artwork. Choose one of two styles. Includes all materials. Participants should plan to bring their own sewing kits (needles, scissors, beeswax, etc).

Instructor: Sue Felshin

Cost $65

To register contact: stephzsmith@gmail.com

A Fashionable Pair of 1770s Stays

Saturday, March 13, 2010, 9:30am–4:30pm & Sunday, March 14, 10am–12:30

Noah Brooks Tavern, Minute Man National Park, Concord, MA

Construct a pair of stays for the 18th century fashionista to wear with her high-end fashion-forward gowns. Think “French Fashion Plate”! Based on pair of stays from a private collection, you will create a pattern and start construction on a pair of high fashion stays. This is an advanced class and participants should already have an everyday pair of stays. Hand sewing experience is necessary.

All materials included. Instructors: Hallie Larkin & Steph Smith

Cost $150

To register contact: stephzsmith@gmail.com

Make a Powder Horn

Saturday March 13, 2010, 9:30am–4:30pm

Noah Brooks Tavern, Minute Man National Park, Concord, MA

As necessary to survival as the fowling gun and shot pouch, powder horns were the familiar tools of farmer and militia man alike in 18th century New England. Today, horns made or used by New Englanders survive in greater numbers than those of any other region, and, especially when engraved, help to shape our understanding of the experiences of common soldiers in the period. Yet, they remain an often-overlooked bit of gear for many living historians.

This workshop will begin with a brief historical overview of the various styles of New England horns with a focus on simple, utilitarian types used in the period 1750–1780. Participants will learn what to look for in selecting raw materials, choose their design elements based on original examples, and construct their own powder horn using basic hand tools. Throughout, we'll defer to surviving horns in terms of proportion, construction techniques, surface texture and finish.

Some previous experience with hand tools such as files, drawknives and cabinet scrapers is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

Cost is $40, which includes the raw horn and wood to make the base plug.

Instructor: Mike Burke

To register contact: burkedog@hotmail.com

Warner's Knapsack

Saturday, March 13, 2010 10:00-4:30 (rescheduled from January)

Noah Brooks Tavern, Minute Man National Park, Concord, MA

Tired of arriving at an event with your clothing and personal equipment in the same nylon duffel bag you take to the gym? Does your Sergeant ask “Paper or plastic?” whenever he sees you starting to pack? Does your haversack still contain way more than just your issue rations? Join members of the Tenth Mass. Regiment for a one-day workshop “Building the Warner Knapsack”. The so-called Warner-style knapsack, based on an original in the collections of Ft. Ticonderoga, is a two-pocket, linen canvas, envelope-style knapsack with leather shoulder straps and a painted exterior. Workshop participants will receive a kit containing all materials, plus instructions for sewing the body of the knapsack and attaching straps and buckles. Instructions will also be included for painting the finished knapsack at home. Participants should plan to bring their own sewing kits (needles, scissors, beeswax, etc).

Fee: $75 includes all materials

To register contact: stephzsmith@gmail.com

Making Horsehair Fabric Cockades

Saturday, March 13, 2010 10:00-noon

Noah Brooks Tavern, Minute Man National Park, Concord, MA

As part of the Hive workshop program, we are pleased to offer a clinic on "Making Horsehair Fabric Cockades" with Roy Najecki.

Preregistration is required. Cost of workshop is $10 and includes all materials.

To register contact: stephzsmith@gmail.com


Nov. 13/14, 2010, Sat/Sun, 9:30am–4pm

MMNHP Noah Brooks Tavern, Minute Man National Park, Concord, MA

The workshop will guide both beginners and experienced sewers through the process of measuring, cutting, constructing and finishing a pair of linen or woolen fall front breeches. Students will have the option of bringing their own fabric, or purchasing a pre-cut linen or woolen breeches kit. Original garments will be available for study and inspiration.

Instructor: Henry Cooke

Kit Prices: Kits include pre-cut fabric pieces, thread, buttons for covering or metal buttons, thread, pattern, instructions. Buckles are not included.

Wool Breeches kit - $120
Linen Breeches Kit - $ 80

Fee: $100 per person ("fitting models" may attend at no additional charge)

Max Class Size: 12

To register, contact: hcooke4@verizon.net

Staymaking Workshop

Nov 13/14, 2010 Sat/Sunday, 9:30am–4pm

MMNHP Noah Brooks Tavern, Minute Man National Park, Concord, MA

We will be making stays in the 18th century manner. We strongly encourage participants to sew the entire pair of stays by hand in order to produce stays that fit well, are easy to remodel in case of weight loss or gain, and can easily be repaired in the case of any broken boning. However, if you are unable to do so, one can sew the channels by machine, with the rest done by hand. As people have discovered in our other workshops, when constructing items in the 18th century way, hand sewing is easier and produces better results than machine sewing. Besides, you can do it anywhere and it's very relaxing!

All materials for your stays will be supplied for the workshop, including linen canvas, thread (please advise if you are planning on sewing your channels by hand or machine), boning, leather binding and stay cord.

All skill levels are welcome, stay making is not difficult, but it is time consuming. Some knowledge of hand sewing is helpful but not necessary.

Instructors: Hallie Larkin & Steph Smith

Cost: $150

Limit: 12 participants

To register contact: stephzsmith@gmail.com