2011 Hive Workshops

Great Coat with Henry Cooke, Jan. 8 & 9

Sacque Back Gown with Hallie Larkin & Steph Smith, Jan. 8 & 9

Powder Horn 101 with Mike Burke, Jan. 15

Unlined Frock Coat with Henry Cooke, Jan. 15 & Jan 29

Open Front English Gown with Hallie Larkie & Steph Smith, Jan. 15 & Jan 29

Provincial Cartridge Box with Roy Najecki & Joel Bohy, Feb. 12 & 13

Powder Horn: Carving with Mike Burke, Feb. 12 & 13

Tailoring, The Advanced Course with Henry Cooke, March 26

Gun Tune-up with Jim Casco, March 26 or 27

Great Coat with Henry Cooke

Saturday January 8, 2011 9:30am–4pm & Sunday January 9, 2011 9:30am–4pm

This workshop will help you to brave the elements in a stylish and period correct way. The class will begin with a discussion of great coats, surtouts, and watch coats, and with the use of a pattern supplied by the instructor; you will measure for, cut, and assemble your historic outer garment. Fabric, buttons, and trimmings will be available for purchase, and those who bring their own cloth should send a sample to Henry for approval.

Fee: $100

Max. class size: 10

To register contact: hcooke4@verizon.net

Sacque Back Gown with Hallie Larkin & Steph Smith

Saturday January 8, 2011 9:30am–4pm & Sunday January 9, 2011 9:30pm–4pm

We will be constructing the 18th century’s most elegant gown—the sacque or robe à la françise. Distinguished by its flowing back pleats, this is the ultimate ball gown. Using an original as a guide, you will be hand sewing your gown in a period manner. If you do your preworkshop homework, your gown should be 80–90% complete at the end of the second day. Fabric selections need to be approved prior to the workshop. Course fee includes lining for the gown bodice and sleeves.

Fee: $130

Max. class size: 10

To register contact: stephzsmith@gmail.com

Powder Horn 101 with Mike Burke

Saturday, January 15, 2011 9:30am–4pm

This workshop will begin with a brief historical overview of the various styles of New England horns with a focus on simple, utilitarian types used in the period 1750-1780. Participants will learn what to look for in selecting raw materials, choose their design elements based on original examples, and construct their own powder horn using basic hand tools. Throughout, we’ll defer to surviving horns in terms of proportion, construction techniques, surface texture and finish. Some previous experience with hand tools such as files, drawknives and cabinet scrapers is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

Fee: $50, which includes the raw horn and wood to make the base plug.

To register contact: burkedog@hotmail.com

Unlined Frock Coat with Henry Cooke

Saturday, January 15, 2011 & Saturday, January 29, 2011 9:30am–4pm

This workshop will guide participants through the construction, fitting and finishing of an unlined linen frock coat or workman’s jacket, including construction and finishing techniques, proper fitting, pocket construction, button covering, cording shank buttons. Participants have the option of using their own fabric (pattern will be supplied as part of class), or purchasing a pre-cut kit from Henry that includes pre-cut garment pieces, a pattern with instructions, button moulds for covering and linen sewing thread.

Fee: $65 — Coat Kit Cost $100.00

Max. class size: 10–12

Open Front English Gown with Hallie Larkie & Steph Smith

Saturday, January 15, 2011 & Saturday, January 29, 2011 9:30am–4pm

You will be making yourself an open front gown, i.e., with robings and stomacher and en fourreau back. This style of gown is appropriate for both F&I and Rev War reenacting. Due to the front configuration, this is a flexible gown, which can accommodate fluctuations in weight. You will be constructing the gown by hand in a period manner using an original as a guide You don’t have to be an experienced seamstress to take this class (just ask any past attendee!). You just have to be ready to learn and work hard. These gowns do require stays or jumps.

Fee: $130, which includes lining for the bodice and sleeves.

Note: If you prefer to make a closed front gown, you may choose that option.

To register contact: stephzsmith@gmail.com

Provincial Cartridge Box with Roy Najecki & Joel Bohy

Saturday, February 12, 2011 9:30am–4pm & Sunday, February 13, 2011 9:30am–12:30pm

You will construct a 1760’s era 24-hole cartridge pouch that would be appropriate for Seven Years War British or Provincial, Revolutionary War American militia, pre-1779 Continental Army, and possibly early Rev War British. The pouch will be complete with the wood block, buff leather shoulder strap, and brass buckles. The cost is $125, which includes a $25 refundable deposit for tools. Participants must either have attended the Jan 16th hands-on class or have experience in making thread and leather hand stitching.

Fee: $125

To register contact: roy@najecki.com

Powder Horn: Carving with Mike Burke

Saturday, February 12, 2011 9:30am&ndash4pm & Sunday, February 13, 2011 9:30am–12:30pm

We’ll examine some photos of original horns, then look at how the engraving was accomplished using very simple tools, often in a garrison or camp situation. After everyone is acquainted with the process, we’ll learn some basic practice cuts, such as straight lines, scrolls, etc. Participants will then move on to a simple, but very common, engraving project on any horn object they wish to bring. Those who participated in last year’s powder horn workshop can bring the horns they made, and new folks can bring their own or a friend’s, a rum horn or salt horn, etc. Ideas for the engraving project might include a name and date, layout and creation of borders, simple floral motifs, etc. Other subjects we’ll cover along the way include: preparing the surface of the horn for engraving; layout of major design elements like borders and lettering; common themes on 18th century powder horns; pigments and inks used to fill in cuts; and, how to remove, or work with the inevitable mistake.

Fee: $35

To register contact: burkedog@hotmail.com

Tailoring, The Advanced Course with Henry Cooke

Saturday, March 26, 2011 9:30am–4:30pm

As the name suggests, “The Advanced Course” will allow attendees to sharpen their skills and learn new ones. Using original garments for study, inspiration and guidance, participants will learn the construction and finishing techniques that will make your frock or dress coat really stand out, and give you an air of graceful elegance.

Participants will learn the interrelationship of textile construction and pattern layout, the various interfacings and interlinings and how they are used, sewing in button stands and buttonhole interfacing, construction of buttonholes, easing and pressing for better fit, cutting and fitting for the “bellied man”, thread buttons, and the use of metallic trims.

There will also be a session on how to wear and move in your clothing, so that you may carry yourself and your clothing with “easy grace and manly boldness”.

Participants will receive instructions, access to the garments during the workshop, a workshop paper on construction and finishing techniques, samples of interfacings, a source list, and a selection of plates from Nivelot’s Rudiments of Genteel Behaviour.

Fee: $50

Max. class size: 12–15 people

Gun Tune-up with Jim Casco

Choice of three sessions
Saturday, March 26 10am–12:00pm
Saturday, March 26, 1pm–3pm
Sunday, March 27, 2pm–4pm

Get your musket in top working order for the season—a clean well tuned gun is a safe one. Join gunsmith Jim Casco for a hand-on workshop where each participant will perform a detailed inspection of their musket. He/she will dismount the lock and barrel and completely disassemble the lock. This will enable the participant to learn proper maintenance and discover any problems. Jim will guide the participants, step by step, through the procedures and be able to evaluate any problems and make recommendations to correct them.

Fee: $25

To register contact: caspar@vermontel.net.

Banyans with Edward Maeder

Saturday May 6, 2011 9:30am–4pm

Think Nicholas Boylston by Copley! A gentleman’s undress garment worn in place of his coat. You’ll review when and where banyans were worn as well as their history. You will then construct a hand-sewn version based on an original. Fabrics need to be approved by the instructor prior to the workshop.

Fee: TBD

To register contact: hiveworkshops@gmail.com