Creating a New Submission/Review Site

This page lets you create a new submission and review site. (The newly created site would later need to be "customized" for your conference.) Here you can only specify sytem parameters, such as username/pwd for MySQL, a local directory where the submissions are kept, etc.

Web Server:
The DNS name or IP address of the web-server (e.g., or
MySQL Server: The MySQL server runs on the same host as the web server
The MySQL server runs on a different host.
      Host name (or IP address) is:
MySQL Administrator: Name:    Password:
A MySQL user that can create new databases and add new users. Specify these details
(if you know them) to automatically create a database for this installation
If you do not have the password of a MySQL root user, you should manually create the
database and add a user that can access it (or ask the site administrator to do it for you) and
enter the details below.
MySQL User: Name:     Password:
MySQL Database Name: (e.g., FOCS2009)
Either the name of an existing database (if you specified username and password above), or the
name for the newly created database (if you specified the administrator name and password above).
UPLOAD Directory:
A directory on the server where the submissions would be stored, must be writable by the
web-server. If this field is left empty, it defaults to the subs subdirectory under the BASE directory.
Chair Email:
Only one address (e.g., My Name <> or
Administrator Email:
Who should get the angry emails when there are problems with the site?