Web Submission and Review, Implementation Notes

Version 0.63 - June 2009

Stamping a submission

When a submission file is uploaded to the server, the software makes an attempt to "stamp it" with a header that says
Submission <nnn> to <confname>: Do Not Distribute!
The current mechanism used for this is rather kludgey, and can only handle PDF and Postscript files: Postscript files are handled by adding a few lines to the header of the file, re-defining the \@show\@page action. PDF files are handled by converting them to Postscript, adding the stamp, and then converting back to PDF. The software relies on external programs to handle the conversions back and forth. Specifically, to convert from PDF to Postscript it tries to use pdftops, then pdf2ps, and then acroread -toPostscript. To convert from Postscript to PDF it tries to use ps2pdf and then pstopdf. This is coded in the file submit/stampFiles.php under the BASE directory.