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Joy Fawcett's Review Page, TEST 2007

Individual Review Phase

Hello Joy Fawcett. So far you reviewed 1 of the 9 submissions that were assigned to you.

Your assigned submissions
download [Review] 3. Cryptanalysis of Hiji-bij-bij (HBB)
download [Review] 7. The Misuse of RC4 in Microsoft Word and Excel
download [Review] 14. A Chosen Ciphertext Attack on a Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Lyn...
download [Review] 19. The Full Abstraction of the UC Framework
download [Revise] 27. Tag-KEM/DEM: A New Framework for Hybrid Encryption
download [Review] 34. An Efficient CDH-based Signature Scheme With a Tight Security Reduct...
download [Revise] 49. A Note on Shor's Quantum Algorithm for Prime Factorization
download [Review] 50. Picking Virtual Pockets using Relay Attacks on Contactless Smartcard...
download [Review] 51. An Approach Towards Rebalanced RSA-CRT with Short Public Exponent

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