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Puzzle: The Sum Game

Consider the following game: two players take turns adding a number from 1-10 to a shared sum. The player who makes the sum 100 wins. Who wins, and how?
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A "state" is a natural number representing how much remains between the current sum and the total (which is 100 in this case.
Definition state := nat.

A valid change in state is one which is between 1 and 10.
Inductive validDiff : nat Prop :=
| validDiff_inbounds : n, 1 n
                            n 10
                            validDiff n.

action n n' is true if it is a valid move to change the state from n to n'
Definition action : state state Prop :=
  fun n n'validDiff (n - n').

A definition of what it means for the current player to lose or win from a current state.
Inductive LoseFrom : state Prop :=
| AllWin : n,
    ( n', action n n' WinFrom n')
    LoseFrom n
with WinFrom : nat Prop :=
     | CanForce : n n',
         action n n'
         LoseFrom n'
         WinFrom n.

The total target cumulative sum, which is also the starting state.
Definition total : nat := 100.

The formal problem statement: Does the first player to play win or lose?
Definition Puzzle : Type := WinFrom total + LoseFrom total.

Theorem PuzzleSolution : Puzzle.
  unfold Puzzle.