Centralized Graph Databases for Mobile Robotics

Robotic systems typically require memory recall mechanisms for a variety of tasks including localization, mapping, planning, visualization etc. We argue for a novel memory recall framework that enables more complex inference schemas by separating the computation from its associated data. In this work we propose a shared, centralized data persistence layer that maintains an ensemble of online, situationally-aware robot states. This is realized through a queryable graph-database with an accompanying key-value store for larger data. In turn, this approach is scalable and enables a multitude of capabilities such as experience-based learning and long-term autonomy. Using multi-modal simultaneous localization and mapping and a few example use-cases, we demonstrate the versatility and extensible nature that centralized persistence and SLAMinDB can provide. In order to support the notion of life-long autonomy, we envision robots to be endowed with such a persistence model, enabling them to revisit previous experiences and improve upon their existing task-specific capabilities.



SLAMinDB: Centralized graph databases for mobile robotics
D. Fourie, S. Claassens, S. Pillai, R. Mata, J. Leonard
International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2017
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