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Dr. Christopher Stauffer was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1995, he graduated from Northwestern University with Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering with premed qualifications. In his junior year, he participated in St. Olaf's Global Semester Program where he studied in Greece, Switzerland, Israel, Egypt, India, Nepal, Hong Kong, China, and Japan. A more complete description is available on his Personal Page. In 2002, he defended his Ph.D. dissertation at the Massacusetts Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

His research is focused on developing computational analogs for basic human perception and exploiting the strengths of computers to take full advantage of these capabilities. His research over the past eight years has centered on the development of systems that are capable of: automatically tracking multiple objects in real-time across multiple overlapping and non-overlapping cameras in unstructured indoor and outdoor environments; automatically modeling the types of objects in a particular environment; automatically modeling the activities that these objects perform; learning patterns of the activities over periods of time; and detecting unusual objects or behavior. To see the specifics of his work, please see his Publications and Research pages. More personal information is available on his Personal page.

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