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Selected Publications

Michael Seibert, Bradley Rhodes, Neil Bomberger, Patricia Beane, Jason Sroka, Wendy Kogel, William Kreamer, Chris Stauffer, Linda Kirschner, Edmond Chalom, Michael Bosse,, Robert Tillson, "SeeCoast port surveillance", Proc of SPIE Vol. 6204: Photonics for Port and Harbor Security II, 2006.
Chris Stauffer, "Automated Audio-Visual Analysis (AIM-2005-026", MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Memo, 2005.
Chris Stauffer, "Learning to Track Objects Through Unobserved Regions", Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Motion, 2005.
Joshua Migdal, Tomas Izo, Chris Stauffer, "Moving Object Segmentation Using Super-Resolution Background Models", The 6th Workshop on Omnidirectional Vision, Camera Networks and Non-classical Cameras (In conjunction with ICCV2005), 2005.
Boris Katz, Jimmy Lin,, Chris Stauffer, Eric Grimson, "Chapter 12: Answering Questions about Moving Ojbects in Video", New Directions in Question Answering, pp. 113-128, 2004.
Chris Stauffer, "Factored Latent Analysis for far-field tracking data", Proceedings of Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, 2004.
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Chris Stauffer, "Learning a factorized segmental representation of far-field tracking data", Event Mining Workshop 2004: Detection and Recognition of Events in Video (EVENT2004) in conjunction with CVPR2004, 2004.
Chris Stauffer, Kinh Tieu, Lily Lee, "Robust automated planar normalization of tracking data", Joint IEEE International Workshop on Visual Surveillance and Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance, 2003.
Chris Stauffer, "Minimally-Supervised Classification using Multiple Observation Sets", Proceedings of the ninth IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV2003), October 13-15, 2003.
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Boris Katz, Jimmy Lin, Chris Stauffer, Eric Grimson, "Answering Questions about Moving Objects in Surveillance Videos", Proceedings of 2003 AAAI Spring Symposium on New Directions in Question Answering, March 2003.
Chris Stauffer, "Estimating Tracking Sources and Sinks", Proceedings of the Second IEEE Workshop on Event Mining, July 17, 2003.
Erik Miller, Kinh Tieu, Chris Stauffer, "Learning Object-Independent Modes of Variation with Feature Flow Fields", AI Memo, AIM=2001-021:9, .
Chris Stauffer, "Perceptual Data Mining", Ph.D. thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002.
Chris Stauffer, Erik G. Miller, Kinh Tieu, "Transform-invariant image decomposition with similarity templates", Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 14, 2002.
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Yuri Ivanov, Chris Stauffer, Aaron Bobick, W.E.L. Grimson, "Video Surveillance of Interactions", IEEE Workshop on Visual Surveillance (ICCV 2001), 1999.
Chris Stauffer, "Automatic hierarchical classification using time-based co-occurrences", IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR1999), pp. 333-339, June 23-25, 1999.
Chris Stauffer, "Adaptive background mixture models for real-time tracking", Proceedings IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, pp. 246-252, 1999.
W.E.L. Grimson, Chris Stauffer, Lily Lee, Raquel Romano, "Using Adaptive Tracking to Classify and Monitor Activities in a Site", Proceedings IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, pp. 22-31, 1998.
Chris Stauffer, "Scene Reconstruction Using Accumulated Line-of-Sight", Masters thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997.
Chris Stauffer
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