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Preschooler * Toddler * Infant * Newborn * Pregnancy

Yummy bug cookies! Yummy real bug party favors! Yummy bug birthday cake!
Hunting for ladybugs outside The captured ladybugs The bug chef prepares lunch
Dillon's whole family in Hawaii Swimming with Mama Visiting the fish at the Ocean Center
Hanging around a Maui playground Dillon particularly loves the hot tub Exploring a tropical rainforest
On the plane to Boston A trip on the Swan Boats Starting the trip home on the T
Dillon ate a whole lobster! Cooking something good with playdoh Braving shots with his brothers
Cale visits Dill at his new classroom A fancy dinner at home At the Bug Zoo in Victoria
Devilish Dillon on Halloween Dillon's first school picture In a Kitty Cave with Cale
With Dada on Thanskgiving The whole family is in town Out to brunch with Mama and Dada
Choosing the Christmas tree Enjoying a pretend blackout