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Jaime Teevan (url) is a Researcher at Microsoft Research (url), where she's working to build a better search engine and improve how people interact with dynamic information. She received her doctorate in computer science from MIT (url). Her growing family also keeps her on her toes.

Alex Hehmeyer (url) is a Program Manager at Microsoft on the Office Communicator team (url). He's responsible for Communicator's integration with Exchange and Office, and for how presence is projected. At home, he loves making his boys giggle with delight.
Big Brother

Griffin Hehmeyer (url) is an awesome person and a great big brother. He works hard during the day learning to new words and how to put legos together, and takes good care of his baby brothers when he gets home from preschool.
Twin Brother

Cale Teevan (url) is Dillon's identical twin brother, and he particularly enjoys laughing with delight whenever Dillon is being naughty.
Little Brother

Dillon is excited to announce the arrival of his little brother, Brier Hehmeyer (url). Dillon is learning that even though new babies take a lot of attention, his mama and dada still have lots of cuddles for him, too.