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At Cale and Dill's Bubble Birthday Griffin loves Halloween! Griffin's rocket ship costume
Walking around the neighborhood Feeding a horse a carrot Lots of snow days this year!
Early Christmas morning Look at what Santa brought Playing with his new kitchen
Learning to dance the hula At the beach in Hawaii The family goes hiking
Beach bath tubs are the most fun Baths at home are fun, too Here's to many happy returns
The three naughty princesses The brothers explore the zoo Griffin's soccer team
Chinatown, Singapore Arguing for fresh frog meat Little India, Singapore
Griff's Hallween birthday party With lots of spooky treats The house dressed up for the party
The haunted bouncy house Trick-or-treating upstairs The Experience Music Project
Building block castles At the pumpkin patch Finding the perfect pumpkin..
.. and trying to carry it home Talking pumpkins with Dillon A wheelbarrow ride with his bros
Happy Halloween
Dressed up with James and Michael Trick or treating in the neighborhood
Griffin and his brothers The boys show their belly The Teevan Hehmeyer Family
Cuddling with brothers in bed Playing in the snow out back Sharing his wishes with Santa
Celebrating with Dada Mama reads a Christmas story Christmas morning fun awaits
Ringing in the New Year with.. .. the people Griffin loves