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Griffin gets ear tubes put in Baby and Dad match! Mom sings Griff "Happy Birthday"
Yummy birthday cake! Lovely hula dancers Griff gets some help opening presents
Griffin loves to climb His big eyes take in the world Griffin's new shoes
Jax, Griff and Luca at Walden Pond King Richard's Faire with Mom Lost in the labyrinth with Dad
At the ER with a broken wrist "Do I have to wear this all the time?" Griffin visits Italy with Mom
At the top of the Spanish Steps Running around the Vatican Muesum Pizza at a cafe with Auntie Brooks
The Teevan Hehmeyer family Griff's first haircut, before ... ... and after
On the beach in Hawaii Griffin loves swimming Out to eat with Dad
A (scary) visit with Santa Visiting Mamou in Sab Francisco Griff's going to be a big brother (url)!
Yum, yum! It's Easter. Dad teaches Griff about baseball The Red Sox score!
Holding new brother Cale Holding new brother Dillon Hubba in the Baby Bjorn
Griffin reads his name The long flight to Seattle Griffin makes it to Seattle
Mom and Dad have their hands full Griffin on a pony ride Hiking with Cale and Mama
Griffin with his little brothers Cale and Dillon "help" out Mama and her boys
At Mama's hooding ceremony Griffin and Dillon don't nap ... ... Wrestling is more fun
Griff's birthday volcano Griffin the ring bearer With a successful hand-off!
A day playing at the park What a big boy he's become The Teevan Hehmeyer family
Alex and Griffin nap