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Wednesday, August 5, 2004
5 weeks, 3 days Griffin's been a lot less fussy lately. It's hard to tell if it's thanks to Jaime's dairy-free diet, Griffin being held upright after feedings, Jaime spilling some milk at the beginning of each feeding, or Griffin growing up, but Mom and Dad are thrilled. Griffin even managed to sleep through the night last night, although "sleep through the night" is defined as "sleep 5 hours", so Jaime was still up at 2:30am to feed him.

Griffin had his first playmate yesterday, Steve and Jen's 6-month old daughter Lana. Griffin didn't really seem to notice her (or much of anything), but she was very sweet to him. The other exciting event of the week is that Jaime's begun working a couple of hours a day from home.

Sunday, August 1, 2004
5 weeks Yesterday was a long day for Griffin's parents. He stopped eating very much on Friday, so they took him to the doctor's on Saturday. It seems he's still doing fine gaining weight, and the doctor didn't seem very worried. She suggested it might be reflux, so Griffin's now held upright for half an hour after feedings. It also might be that Jaime's milk lets down with such force it's choking him. He's eating non-stop today, so whatever they've changed must be working.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
4 weeks, 3 days Griffin went to the doctor today and all seems well with him, although he did not enjoy his shot! Weight: 10 lbs, 12 oz. Height: 22-3/4 inches

Tuesday, July 27, 2004
4 weeks, 2 days Today is Griffin's one month birthday. Mom and Dad are very glad to have discovered that he might have a sensitivity to milk protein, because it means they can alleviate the source of his discomfort. Since Jaime's stopped eating dairy he's a much happier boy. The other big adventure is that Griffin had his first bottle of breast milk yesterday, another step for Mom and Baby down the bittersweet road to independence. More excitement expected this coming month. Stay tuned for news of his first smile.

Monday, July 6, 2004
1 week, 1 day So much has happened in the past week. Griffin is growing up every day, it's amazing how different he is such a short time. His eyes seem to focus on things and he holds his head up briefly. He's back above his birth weight and has lost his umbilical cord stump. Mom and Dad just wish he would sleep a little more, because they're starting to get quite tired!

Griffin is a very well loved boy, and has had lots of visitors. Mamou (Grandma Connie) flew out for the week and Aunt Brooks stopped by on her way to Spain. Kelly, Ann, Ella and Becca came down from New Hampshire to visit on the Fourth of July, and Christine, Alex, Mike and Tracy have stopped by as well. The Hehmeyers will here tomorrow.

Griffin must also be loved by his Grandpa Jim. His right ear has a little indent on it, in exactly the same place where Grandpa Jim lost a chunk of his ear in his youth.

Sunday, June 27, 2004
Baby Griffin Alexander Teevan Hehmeyer arrived! Mom and baby are healthy and happy after a very quick, although intense, labor and delivery.

The story of Griffin's birth Saturday night, a new baby seemed very far away. Jaime didn't exhibit any signs of impending labor, and both parents were sure Baby would arrive late. Jaime and Alex were headed to bed, discussing what their "ideal" labor and delivery would look like, when, without warning, Jaime's water broke. Quick, consistent contractions followed almost immediately. Neither parent had imagined that the onset of labor would be so unambiguous.

An hour later, a shocked Jaime and Alex arrived at the hospital. The midwife suggested they head home until labor began "for real", but the labor seemed pretty real to the prospective parents, so they stayed. Lucky they did, too, because shortly afterwards Jaime's first internal exam revealed she was already 7 cm dilated. Several contractions later, she was a full 10 cm, and permitted to start pushing (ah, the relief!).

The delivery went quickly, and was more satisfying than the labor because the parents knew then their baby would arrive soon. After Griffin's head and shoulders were free, Jaime was instructed to reach down and deliver the rest of her baby. At that point, she did so because she just wanted him out, but in retrospect it was amazing for her to be able to bring little Griffin into the world. Dad cut the cord, officially separating baby from mother, and Mom and Dad stared in awe at the beautiful little boy they now had, just four hours after Jaime's water broke. They are still spending most of their time staring at him in awe.