Jaime Teevan
13109 NE 38th Place
Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 556-9753
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Personal:          Activities:
     Brier (September 12, 2008)      Sea Dogs Book Club
Dillon (August 28, 2006) HCI Seminar Series
Cale (August 28, 2006) MIT Graduate Student Council
Griffin (June 27, 2004) Memory quilt for my mom
Wedding (June 15, 2002) Experiment in pod living
Honeymoon in Spain Rights and Responsibility in Research
Schools attended: 1998 RoboCup
MIT Physical pursuits:
Yale University Swimming
School Year Abroad Power yoga
University High School Tennis
MCDS Ice Hockey
AI Olympics: Pastimes:
2004 CSAIL Olympics Good food and Cooking
2003 AI Olympics Knitting
1984 AI Olympics (Big Brother) Dance lessons at BCAE
2001 AI Olympics (Event commissioner) Foosball
2000 AI Olympics (Captain) Backgammon