Jaime Teevan
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Affiliation as of December, 2006: Microsoft Research (http://research.microsoft.com/~teevan)

TR35 2009 Young Innovator (Technology Review article)

My research in graduate school centered around helping people interact better with their information. This put my work at the intersection of information retrieval, machine learning, and human-computer interaction. I received my doctorate from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). I worked with the Haystack Group (part of the Oxygen project).

Advisor: David R. Karger
Committee: Mark S. Ackerman, Susan T. Dumais, Robert C. Miller

Projects during graduate school:

Re-Finding in a Dynamic Information Environment People often use search results not just to find new information, but also to return to information found via previous searches. However, search result lists change regularly and make re-finding difficult. I explored how search engines can provide their users with the benefit of new information without hindering their ability to return to old information. [more].
Information Retrieval Models (with David R. Karger) Much work in information retrieval focuses on using a model of documents and queries to derive retrieval algorithms. Model based development is good because the assumptions can be examined and refined independent of the particular retrieval algorithm. By exploring the assumptions underlying the naive Bayesian framework, we've devised a generative document model that closely matches text. [more].
Observing People Search (with Christine Alvarado, Mark S. Ackerman and David R. Karger) We performed a modified diary study that investigated how people performed personally motivated searches within their email, their files, and on the Web. Using the data collected, we have explored how people find, and re-find, information [more].
Personalized Web Search (with Susan T. Dumais and Eric Horvitz) Today, search is the same for everyone. If two people enter the query "AI", they get the same results, regardless of whether they are interested in artificial intelligence research, or a member of Amnesty International. We correct this problem by personalizing the Web search experience based on an index of information that the user has seen before [more].
Seminars and Workshops I organized the CSAIL Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Seminar series. The HCI Seminar consists of a series of talks that focus on how computer technology can support human activity and society [more]. I also coordinated MIT's participation in the Student Workshop for Information Retrieval and Language (SWIRL) [more].

For additional relevant material, visit my publications, the Haystack publication site, the Haystack reading group site, or explore CiteSeer.

Please visit my current research site for information about current projects: http://research.microsoft.com/~teevan