Interesting and/or large geometric datasets

Human-readable (UniGrafix format) geometric models of the fifth floor (100K) of UC Berkeley's new Computer Science building, Soda Hall, and of the entire building (600K). These are also available here in Inventor and VRML format.

These are also available here in a nice page of "jumps" to VRML format.

The UC Berkeley WalkThru System navigates this model in real time. It has also been the subject of a radiosity computation using a novel external-memory radiosity algorithm; one radiosity-rendered office is included here.

You can also explore the real building, which has since been built.

Both building models are in the UniGrafix (human-readable) file format, developed by Carlo Séquin and others at Berkeley.

Here is a UniGrafix format model of all floors of MIT's Technology Square, home of LCS and the AI Lab.

Hundreds of polyhedra from netlib, and unix-based tools for translating among file formats. Also in vrml

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