Computational geometric and graphics codes, a subset unigrafix parser written in java, by Eric Brittain (Mar 2005);

fixpdfbbox, a csh shell script that takes as input a PDF file with incorrect bounding box information (for example, from a Windows application), and converts it into (i.e. generates) a new PDF file with a correct bounding box. The script also produces an EPS file with a corrected bounding box, as a side effect.

Example usage:

% fixpdfbbox myfile.pdf

(produces myfile.pdf+ and myfile.eps+)

plucker (1.5Mb), a program written between 1990 and 1992 to visualize plucker coordinates, antipenumbrae, et cetera; included in this tar file is an SGI IRIX 6.5 executable, partial source, and operating instructions.  [Use tar xvf lp.tar to extract.]

lp, Mike Hohmeyer's C implementation of Raimund Seidel's O(d! n) time linear programming algorithm; an extremely useful piece of code in low dimension. [Use tar xvf lp.tar to extract, or download shar format.]

From Kurt Akeley, capping.c, a demonstration of solid capping;

code for the closest approach of two lines in 3D, as a self-contained C file (see also this alternative);

vregion, a C-callable module based on Steve Fortune's sweepline Voronoi code from netlib; robustly computes 2D Voronoi diagrams, Delaunay triangulations, and convex hulls.

PLEASE NOTE: vregion has been supplanted by cdt, a package for Constrained Delaunay Triangulation authored by Dani Lischinski at UW.

voronoi, an SGI executable visualization of Voronoi diagrams, computes constrained and free Delaunay triangulations, convex hulls, the duality between d-dimensional Voronoi and (d+1)-dimensional hulls, etc.

nvoronoi (complete source), like voronoi above, but also handles constrained triangulations.

cdt, a library for constrained Delaunay triangulation, used by nvoronoi above.

vidsony, an SGI application for controlling a Sony VideoDisc player.

trimnurbs, an SGI executable (with source), interactively manipulates trimmed, textured, high-order NURBS surfaces.

tumble, an SGI executable (with source); an early exercise which led to a visually interesting result -- many colored bricks bouncing around an obstacle-laden cubical space.

psgl, since improved, an SGI header file and archive which enables running GL4 programs to produce PostScript output.

glp, an analogous package that enables running OpenGL programs to produce PostScript output.

Witch's Brew, a collection of tools and tips for real-time SGI/OpenGL graphics applications.

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