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this is simply a collection of posters, websites and art pieces that I enjoyed making.

Invite front

Invite back

Invite back
Save the Dates (1) (2) (3)
Lesley and Fabien's wedding Oct 2010.

After several iterations, they ended up using variation (3) with their picture on it.

Lesley did an amazing job making ALL the flowers for her wedding. We featured some of those in the Save the Date.
Invite front

Invite back
Wedding Thank You cards (front) (back)
Made for our wedding July 2010

Invite front

Invite back
Wedding Invitation (front) (back)
Made for our wedding July 2010

Invite front
Save the Date
Made for our wedding July 2010

Mentorship Poster
Mentorship Poster
April 2010
larger view in (pdf)

The MIT School of Science held a design competition to create a poster for mentoring in research. I won a voted prize for Best Mentoring Message. Yippee do da! Thanks to those who voted;)

Here is the MIT news article on it.
Celebrate Grad Women Poster

Celebrate Grad Women Template Poster
Celebrate Graduate Women Event
May 2010

On May 7, the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education hosted a Celebration of Graduate Women of Excellence at the MIT Museum. Nominated by their peers for doing amazing work while paving the way for future graduate women, the 47 Graduate Women of Excellence are the latest in a long history of outstanding women at MIT. Each woman prepared a poster outlining her path to MIT, the work that she's doing and why she's passionate about it, as well as the impact her work will have in the future.

I created the promotional poster for the event as well as the template poster used by all the women in order to provide a unified look and feel for the poster night event. The template is also available in keynote and ppt.

See the MIT news article on the event, and the gallery of the posters from all the women.
Yann's Bday card
New Year's card 2010
April 2009
New Year's Card
Yann's 30th Birthday Card
Jan 2010
MIT Ballroom Competition 2009
MIT Ballroom Dance Competition 2009
March 2009
ICCP 2009
Website for the International Conference on Computational Photography 2009
Webmasters Jiawen Chen and Tilke Judd
January 2009
Party Inviations
Party invitation
September 2008
Engagement Inviation
Engagement Party Invitation
September 2008
Vocal Performance and Repertoire Recital Poster
May 2007
MIT Ballroom Dance Competition 2008
April 2008

MIT Open Ballroom Dance Competition 2007
April 2007
large jpg

MIT Ballroom Dance Competition 2006
April 2006

Total Sailing Regatta at MIT
November 2006
medium large

pictures from the event

MIT Open Ballroom Dance Competiton 2005
April 2005
large jpg
MIT Open Ballroom Dance Competiton 2003
April 2003

Download the Photoshop version here (~20 MB)

This design has been used for the cover of a ballroom CD produced by an independent music group in Australia.
beginner lesson

MIT Open Ballroom Competition 2001
Spring 2001
Music Line
Spring 2002
Drawn using ink, colored pencils and watercolors, in the style of Quentin Blake.
This design has traveled far. It has been used on the MIT OpenCourseWare website for Fundamentals of Music class, on the MIT Music and Theater Arts Course Description Book, and for the program of a spring concert for a high school in Richmond, BC Canada!