fun fearless female, dancing darlin', girl-power girl, cha-cha chic, mentos muncher, world wanderer 

by Tilke Judd
featuring Tom Kollar, Beth Whitwell Kollar, Yann Le Tallec, Tilke Judd, Olivier Koch, Mark Blum, Sarit Ventura, Albert Huang, Stacy Wong, Bob Kollar, Mary Kollar, Alec Shkolnik, Nick Shkolnik, Val Shkolnik
August 2011, 3mins 41s

Adventures from a Scuba diving trip to Bonaire in August 2011.

Half Dome

Half Dome
by Tilke Judd
featuring Yann Le Tallec, Tilke Judd, Sahar Qawasmi, Danna Masad, Aryeh Hillman, Wafaa Sabil, Julien Bengio, Fatima Hassan, Stephane Grabli
August 2009, 4mins 31s

A bunch of friends from San Francisco decided to attack Half Dome...quite an endeavor for one day. Here's proof that we got to the top.


MOvementLOoper (MOLO)
Suelin Chen, Tilke Judd, Mat Laibowitz
featuring dancer/choreographer Alissa Cardone
June 28, 5pm, MIT Museum

The Movement LOoper (MOLO) is an electronic system that integrates real-time video manipulation with wireless control to add an entirely new dimension of creative possibilities for movement artists. At this event we will demonstrate its applications as a novel performance medium and choreographic tool.

Clair De Lune

Clair de Lune
Tilke Judd - Advanced Video Class - Spring 2008 - 4mins 37sec

A collage of massage.


Tilke Judd - Advanced Video Class - Spring 2008 - 2mins 32 sec

Dog sledding outfitters ExpeditionK9 just outside Montreal Quebec take you on a wild ride with their friendly furry animals. I created this as a short advertisement for the company.


Okemo 2008
Tilke Judd and Yann LeTallec - Advanced Video Class - Spring 2008 - 8mins 50sec

A mini documentary of a weekend trip skiing with friends in Ludlow, Vermont.


Tilke Judd and The Procrastinators - Spring 2008 - 1min 46sec

We experimented with using videomosaics to make a montage movie for CampusMovieFest 2008. All images used are from Flickr Creative Commons.


The Procrastinators: Kevin Cockrell, Suelin Chen, Tilke Judd, Olivier Koch, Tom Kollard, Hubert Pham, Dan Roy - Spring 2007 - 4min 42sec

w4m: Women for Men. Two men seek love on craigslist and make a strange discovery as their routes collide...

Our short comedy for the CampusMovieFest 2007 at MIT. Our film took Best Comedy at MIT and placed in the top 14 overall in Boston.

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The Procrastinators: Kevin Cockrell, Elisa Figallo, Tilke Judd, Olivier Koch, Tom Kollard, Hubert Pham, Dan Roy, Alec Shkolnik, Iuliu Vasilescu - Spring 2006 - 4mins 40sec

Our short psychological drama for the CampusMovieFest 2006 at MIT follows a day from two perspectives. The film placed first at MIT and in the top 16 overall in Boston.

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The Procrastinators: Tilke Judd, Olivier Koch, Tom Kollard, Hubert Pham, Jonathan Ragan-Kelley, Dan Roy - Spring 2005 - 3mins

A 3-minute dv thriller which we created for the short film competition CampusMovieFest that came to MIT. Our film placed second at MIT and third overall in Boston! It has original music by Dan Roy.

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Moving Visions

Liz Canner and Tilke Judd - Summer 2003

A 15-minute dv documentary concerning issues of freedom in post 9/11 America as seen through the lives of several extrodinary people in Arlingon, VA. I was a co-editor for significant parts of this project with independent filmmaker Liz Canner from Astrea Media.

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Experience Ballroom Dancing

Tilke Judd - May 2003

A 3-minute collage of what it is like to be on a ballroom dance team. Made partly for the MIT Ballroom Dance Team and partly for my UROP with the Interactive Cinema group at the MIT Media Lab.

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Experience China

Tilke Judd - Summer 2001

A 15-minute documentary of the MIT-China and MIT CETI programs at MIT.  I taught, traveled and filmed in China and then edited this in Cambridge, MA during the summer of 2001.

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French Getaway
Counter Intelligence Group - MIT Media Lab 2000

French Getaway is the title of a series of recipies in an Interactive Cookbook that I helped make with the CounterActive group.  These videos were created to explain how we made the series and how it worked. More information at the CounterActive website

French Getaway Recipe tour Quicktime video (~25Mb)
Making Of French Getaway
Quicktime video (~24 Mb)

lexi dances
Cousins Dance
Tilke Judd

A silly little video of my cousins dancing, done for fun and as an exercise in editing.

Download here (~8.4MB)