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Matlab tools:
DatabaseTools.tar.gz                           26-April-2005 19:49   12k  

Annotation files (polygons and scenes):
Annotations.tar.gz                             26-April-2005 19:49    422k  

Places.tar.gz 26-April-2005 19:49 5.7k

Images (>3Gb):
Create a folder (Images/) and untar the next two files there. 

sequences.tar.gz                               26-April-2005 19:49  2.0Gb 
pictures.tar.gz                                26-April-2005 19:49  1.1Gb 

Do you need more images and labels? If you find this dataset useful, please, help us to build a larger one (which will be made available very soon) by using the web annotation tool:
Go to the labeling tool