ICC best paper award. June 2006.
D. Tulone. A secure and scalable digital time-stamping service.

Ph.D. grant from University of Pisa. November 2002.

Awarded previous competition (written and oral) one of the 6 Ph.D. grants from the University of Pisa for the academic years 2002-2005.
Selected to participate to the MIT-Italy program for the years 2004-2005.

C.N.R. (Italian National Research Council) research grant. October 2002.
Awarded previous competition a research grant to perform research at ISTI CNR, Pisa.

C.N.R. research fellowship. October 1995.
Awarded one of 8 fellowships from C.N.R. to perform research at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. This fellowship was determined through national competition.

C.N.R. research fellowship. December 1994.
Awarded one of 10 fellowships from C.N.R. to conduct research on Logic and Computer Algebra at the Department of Mathematics, University of Catania. This fellowship was determined through national competition.

Consorzio Archimede grant. March 1994.
Awarded one of the 15 grants from Consorzio Archimede to work on mathematical models.