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Vineet Sinha

I finished my PhD in January 2008 and have since been working to make those ideas available in every day tools at a startup: Architexa. My PhD work was done with Prof David Karger and Prof Rob Miller at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT. My interests lie in intelligent interfaces for helping users find information, and am currently working in the software domain, on a program comprehension tools: Relo and Strata. I have also previously written an Apache Derby driver for Jena (so that Relo can easliy use semantic web technologies).

My previous research focused on blending structured and information retrieval techniques for browsing in semistructured information (more details). Prior to that I received my Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Computer Engineering at the E&CE department of the University of Waterloo.

In my spare time, I enjoy Squash, Basketball, Soccer, Roller-blading, Sailing, Salsa and Tango.

Contact Information
E-Mail: []
Phone: 617-253-2345
Vineet Sinha, 32-G598
MIT Comp. Sci. & AI Lab
32 Vassar Street,
Cambridge, MA 02139

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