Dynamic Shape Capture using Multi-View Photometric Stereo


Daniel Vlasic Pieter Peers Ilya Baran Paul Debevec Jovan Popovic Szymon Rusinkiewicz Wojciech Matusik
MIT CSAIL USC ICT MIT CSAIL USC ICT Adobe Systems, Inc. Princeton University Adobe Systems, Inc.
Siggraph Asia 2009


Our system rapidly acquires images under varying illumination in order to compute photometric normals from multiple viewpoints. The normals are then used to reconstruct detailed mesh sequences of dynamic shapes such as human performers.




We describe a system for high-resolution capture of moving 3D geometry, beginning with dynamic normal maps from multiple views. The normal maps are captured using active shape-from-shading (photometric stereo), with a large lighting dome providing a series of novel spherical lighting configurations. To compensate for low-frequency deformation, we perform multi-view matching and thin-plate spline deformation on the initial surfaces obtained by integrating the normal maps. Next, the corrected meshes are merged into a single mesh using a volumetric method. The final output is a set of meshes, which were impossible to produce with previous methods. The meshes exhibit details on the order of a few millimeters, and represent the performance over human-size working volumes at a temporal resolution of 60Hz.



Daniel Vlasic, Pieter Peers, Ilya Baran, Paul Debevec, Jovan Popovic, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Wojciech Matusik. Dynamic Shape Capture using Multi-View Photometric Stereo. ACM Transactions on Graphics. 28(5) 2009.