Additional Results for Paper 0165:

Distortion-Free Wide-Angle Portraits on Camera Phones

  • We compare our methods with other methods on perspective distortion correction.
  • From left to right columns: input image, the stereographic projection, Mercator projection, Paninni Projection [1], and our method.
  • Mouse over the input and other projections flips it to our result.
  • Click on images below for full-res images.
  • We show 167 results sorted by the camera FOV from 70° to 120°.
  • References: [1] T. K. Sharpless, B. Postle, and D. M. German. Pannini: a new projection for rendering wide angle perspective images. In Proceedings of the Sixth international conference on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization and Imaging, pages 9-16, 2010.