Yuan Luo
Assistant Professor
Feinberg School of Medicine and McCormick School of Engineering
Department of Preventive Medicine, Division of Health and Biomedical Informatics
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Science (by Courtesy)
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (by Courtesy)
Northwestern University
750 N. Lake Shore Drive, 11-189, Chicago IL 60611, USA
Email: yuan.luo@northwestern.edu; Tel: 312-503-5742; Twitter: @yuanhypnosluo
Lab: LYG Lab

Recent News
[Aug 2017] Two deep learning papers accepted into JAMIA and JBI respectively
[Jun 2017] My PhD Thesis awarded the inaugural Doctoral Dissertation Award Honorable Mention by AMIA
[Apr 2017] Welcome incoming post-doctoral associates: Dr. Chengsheng Mao and Dr. Yuan Zhao
[Apr 2017] Our biomedical relation extraction paper was recommended by F1000Prime.
[Mar 2017] Our SANTF paper was selected into the 2016 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics as one of the five best NLP works in the year.
[Nov 2016] Computational Phenotyping Tutorial [slides] at AMIA 2016 (with Fei Wang, Jimeng Sun, Xiaoqian Jiang)
[Sept 2016] Seminar at Amazon Research

About Me

Yuan holds a Ph.D. from MIT, with a Computer Science major and a Mathematics minor. He completed the GEMS (Graduate Education in Medical Sciences) certificate program by MIT IMES (Institute for Medical Engineering and Science) to gain exposure to general medicine.

Research Interests

Machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, time series analysis, computational phenotyping, computational genomics and big data analytics, with a focus on medical and clinical applications including but not limited to lymphoma, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and kidney diseases.

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Honors And Awards

  • AAAS/Science Program for Excellence in Science (1/2014)

  • First prize in AMIA 2013 Natural Language Processing Doctoral Consortium (11/2013)

  • Weilun Fund Fellowship, Tsinghua University (2002-2004)

  • First Prizes in China National Olympiad in Chemistry and Mathematics (2000-2001)

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Teaching Experiences

Selected Professional Services

Work Experiences

  • 05/2011 - 08/2011, 12/2011 - 02/2012, 05/2012 - 08/2012, intern at CIO Lab, IBM, MA
    Supervisors: Tolga Oral, Sara Weber
    - Leader of a group of three interns researching on adapting the Watson DeepQA system that won the Jeopardy! Challenge to support question and answering in IBM's sales domain.
    - Developed an enterprise question classification system with question classification guidelines. Developed candidate answer generators for multiple enterprise question classes. Worked in content ingestion across various IBM repositories as well as enterprise ontology creation.

  • 05/2008 - 08/2008, intern at Server Manageability Group, Oracle, CA
    Supervisors: Leonidas Galanis, Karl Dias
    - Research on topics in synthetic and real database workload clustering, with workload features such as read/write table, OCI type etc, or user customized features.
    - Developed a workload clustering system that enhanced Oracle Database Replay (a real application testing tool) to more intelligent testing, enabling test on both hardware change and application change.

Other Activities

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