Education & Work

Zeyuan with Master Degree of Science
under the supervision of Prof. Silvio Micali
@ MIT, 2012

Tsinghua University

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I participated in various volunteering works. One such ongoing work is to provide (free) consulting service for passengers to better understand and plan for trips between China and the US. If you have questions regarding this, please drop me an email.

Personal Information

Research Areas

Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Optimization, Algorithms

Research Interests

In recent years, I work on the mathematical foundations of Deep Learning, where the ultimate goal is to turn black magic into scientific theorems, and then design more principled algorithms for a better, safer, more economical world of artificial intelligence. In my past life, I also worked on the theory of machine learning and optimization, and apply them to theoretical computer science, operations research, and statistics. I also am broadly interested in the mathematical modeling for physical, social, economic, and biological systems.

As part of my research, I also maintain my own PyTorch code base for training ResNet, DenseNet, Transformers, BERT, GPT-2, Vision Transformers, and apply them to vision tasks, Q&A tasks such as SQUAD, language modeling tasks such as WikiText103, text generation tasks such as E2E, WikiSQL, etc.





Some Awards

A family photo of my gold and silver medals
A family photo of my gold and silver medals

In algorithm competitions, I was fortunate to win a few awards in my past life, including two IOI gold medals, a USACO world champion, an ACM/ICPC world-final gold medal, a Google Codejam world runner-up, and a USA MCM Top Prize.

In research, I used to be supported by a Microsoft Young Fellow Award, a Simons Student Award and a Microsoft Azure Research Award.

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