Speeding up Database Applications with Pyxis

Alvin Cheung, Owen Arden, Samuel Madden, Andrew C. Myers

Proceedings of SIGMOD 2013


We propose to demonstrate Pyxis, a system that optimizes database applications by pushing computation to the database server. Our system applies program analysis techniques to the application source code to determine pieces of application logic that should be moved to the database server to improve performance. This frees the developer from the need to understand the intricacies of database operations or learn a new programming language for stored procedures. In addition, by dynamically monitoring resource utilization on the database server, Pyxis can migrate computation between application and database in response to workload changes. Our previous experiments have shown that Pyxis can decrease latency up to 3x for transactional applications, and improve throughput up to 1.7x when compared to a standard implementation using embedded SQL statements in application logic. We will demonstrate these capabilities via a visualization of real-time performance as well as an interactive code partitioning tool we have developed.


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