A Concolic Whitebox Fuzzer for Java

jFuzz is a testing engine written in Java as an extension to NASA Java Pathfinder (JPF). This engine automatically and systematically tests a Java program which reads from a given input file. By using both concrete and symbolic execution, jFuzz creates many new input files which cause different program execution paths to be taken. jFuzz is now included in JPF and has been released under the NASA Open Source Agreement.


Source code in JavaPathFinder


Karthick Jayaraman, David Harvison, Vijay Ganesh, Adam Kiezun
jFuzz: A Concolic Tester for NASA Java,
NASA Formal Methods Workshop, April 2009


Adam Kiezun, project leader (research assistant, MIT)
David Harvison, main developer (student, MIT)

Karthick Jayaraman (PhD student, Syracuse University)
Vijay Ganesh (research scientist, MIT)