microRNAviewer results for mir-3120

The table shows conservation of mir-3120 homologs identified by microRNAviewer. Click on miRNA name to see additional information such as conservation, alignment, mismatches, genomic location and orientation. Symbols • in table cells indicate miRNAs present in miRbase. Grey box indicates that the miRNA was not identified in this genome, under stringent parameters.


conservation 1.0 0.97 0.94 0.91 0.88 0.85 0.82 0.79 0.76 0.73 0.7 0.67 0.64 0.61 0.58 0.55 0.52 0.49 0.46 0.43 0.4

miRNA hsa ptr ggo ppy mml cja tsy mmr oga tbe cpo dor mmu rno str opr ocu bta ttr vpa ssc cfa fca eca mlu pva eeu sar cho ete laf pca meu mdo oan gga mga tgu aca xtr dre gac ola tru tni cin csa dme cel

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Last update Nov 9, 2011