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I studied all sorts of things at MIT: distributed systems; energy markets; wireless networks; telemedicine...

I left in 2010 to work for Google. This page is probably outdated.

Power-Demand Routing in Massive Geo-Distributed Systems
A. Qureshi.
PhD thesis, September 2010.
Cutting the Electric Bill for Internet-Scale Systems
A. Qureshi, R. Weber, H. Balakrishnan, J. Guttag and B. Maggs.
Plugging into Energy Market Diversity
A. Qureshi.
HotNets 2008.

Improving Patient Care by Unshackling Telemedicine: ...
A. Qureshi, E. Shih, I. Fan, D. Brezinski, M. Kleinman, and J. Guttag.
AMIA annual symposium 2010.
Mobile Medical Telepresence for Improved Neonatal Care” (video »)
A. Qureshi, I. Fan, J. Guttag, D. Brezinski, M. Kleinman, 2009.
Tavarua: Video Streaming with WWAN Striping
A. Qureshi, J. Carlisle and J. Guttag.
ACM Multimedia 2006.
Horde: Separating Network Striping Policy from Mechanism
A. Qureshi and J. Guttag.
Mobisys 2005.

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