Multi-Perspective Stereoscopy from Light Fields


Changil Kim1,2, Alexander Hornung2, Simon Heinzle2, Wojciech Matusik2,3, Markus Gross1,2

1ETH Zurich, 2Disney Research Zurich, 3MIT CSAIL

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We propose a framework for flexible stereoscopic disparity manipulation and content post-production. Our method computes multi-perspective stereoscopic output images from a 3D light field that satisfy arbitrary prescribed disparity constraints. We achieve this by computing piecewise continuous cuts (shown in red) through the light field that enable per-pixel disparity control. In this particular example we employed gradient domain processing to emphasize the depth of the airplane while suppressing disparities in the rest of the scene.


This paper addresses stereoscopic view generation from a light field. We present a framework that allows for the generation of stereoscopic image pairs with per-pixel control over disparity, based on multi-perspective imaging from light fields. The proposed framework is novel and useful for stereoscopic image processing and post-production. The stereoscopic images are computed as piecewise continuous cuts through a light field, minimizing an energy reflecting prescribed parameters such as depth budget, maximum disparity gradient, desired stereoscopic baseline, and so on. As demonstrated in our results, this technique can be used for efficient and flexible stereoscopic post-processing, such as reducing excessive disparity while preserving perceived depth, or retargeting of already captured scenes to various view settings. Moreover, we generalize our method to multiple cuts, which is highly useful for content creation in the context of multi-view autostereoscopic displays. We present several results on computer-generated content as well as live-action content.




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