I am a third-year PhD student in computer science at MIT, studying with Professor Justin Solomon. My research leverages ideas from differential and algebraic geometry, topology, and mathematical physics toward computational applications.

Previously, I spent a year at the University of Cambridge studying Part III of the Mathematical Tripos. Prior to that, I was an undergraduate at Harvard, where I was advised by Professor Steven Gortler. I also interned at Pixar Research, where I worked with Fernando de Goes on tools for manipulating discrete vector fields and on a fluid simulator based on power diagrams.

In my spare time, I enjoy singing, baking sourdough bread, and keeping bees.

I am very grateful to be supported by a Hertz Fellowship.


  • PhD in Computer Science, in progress

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • MASt in Mathematics, 2017

    University of Cambridge

  • AB in Computer Science, 2015

    Harvard University


Hexahedral Mesh Repair via Sum-of-Squares Relaxation

The validity of trilinear hexahedral (hex) mesh elements is a prerequisite for many applications of hex meshes, such as finite element …

Algebraic Representations for Volumetric Frame Fields

Field-guided parametrization methods have proven effective for quad meshing of surfaces; these methods compute smooth cross fields to …

Toward Computing Extremal Quasiconformal Maps via Discrete Harmonic Measured Foliations

Conformal maps, which preserve angles, are widely used in computer graphics for applications such as parameterization. However, …


Frame Fields

Designing volumetric frame fields for hexahedral meshing.

Topology Constraints

Optimization on Eulerian data with known topology constraints.


  • drp@mit.edu
  • 32 Vassar St, 32-D474, Cambridge, MA 02139