Forrester Cole

Code and Data
Differentiable Mesh Renderer in TensorFlow

A differentiable, 3D mesh renderer using TensorFlow, used in the paper "Unsupervised Training for 3D Morphable Model Regression," CVPR 2018.

Source code at github


An implementation of several interactive line drawing techniques. Written in C++ and GLSL. Requires Qt.

dpix project page


A port of the rtsc software by Doug DeCarlo and Szymon Rusinkiewicz to Qt and libQGLViewer. Includes some useful features such as scripting support for batch rendering.

Source code at github

Line Drawings of 3D Shapes

This project has produced two datasets so far: a collection of drawings of known 3D models, and a series of gauge figure settings by people inspecting the drawings as well as computer generated drawings.

Project Page

Artists' Drawings Viewer

A javascript page for viewing the drawings collected as part of the Line Drawings of 3D Shapes project. (Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, IE is known to fail)

Drawing Viewer