Graduate Thesis Supervision

Makar, Maggie, Machine Learning and Causality, Building Reliable and Efficient Models for Decision Making, PhD, MIT, May 2021.

Yang, Alexander, Predicting Individual Components of the SOFA Score Using Multi-task Learning, M.Eng, May 2021.

Blalock, Davis, Building Efficient Algorithms by Learning to Compress, PhD, MIT, August 2020.

Chambers, Adelaide, Longitudinal VoxelMorph: Spatiotemporal Modeling of Medical Images, M.Eng, MIT, May 2020.

Goyal, Udgam, Leveraging Machine Learning to Predict Play Calling Tendencies in the NFL, M.Eng., MIT, December 2019.

Rakic, Marianne, Anatomical Predictions Using Subject-specific Medical Data, MS, ETH Zurich, November, 2019.

Zhao, Amy. Learning Distributions of Transformations from Small Datasets of Applied Image Synthesis, PhD, MIT, October 2019.

Guo, Courtney, Multi-modal Image Registration with Unsupervised Deep Learning, M.Eng., MIT, May 2019.

Gonzalez, Jose Javier, Learning from Few Subjects with Large Amounts of Voice Monitoring Data, M.Sc., MIT May 2019.

Mu. Emily, Learning the Magnitude and Duration of Influence of Infections, M.Eng., MIT, May 2019.

Anand, Advaith, NeuralPALS—Learning Exposure Functions and Infection Probabilities for Contagion Spread, M.Eng., MIT, May 2019.

Lewis, Kathleen, Fast Learning-based Registration of Sparse 3D Clinical Images, M.Sc., MIT May 2019.

Gong, Jen, Improving Clinical Decisions Using Correspondences Within and Across Electronic Health Records, PhD., MIT, May 2018.

Balakrishnan, Guha, Analyzing and Synthesizing Deformations In Image Datasets, PhD., MIT, May 2018.

Brooks, Joel, Using Machine Learning to Derive Insights from Sports Location Data, PhD., MIT, May 2018.

Nistala, Akil, Using Deep Learning to Understand Patterns of Player Movement in Basketball, M.Eng., MIT, May 2018.

Shanmugam, Divya, Exploration of Metric Learning and Risk Stratification, M.Eng., MIT, May 2018.
Mohamedali, Yasyf, Matching Startup Founders to investors: a Tool and a Study, M.Eng., MIT, May 2018.
Gong, Maryann, Generalizable Neural Network Representations of Patient State in the Intensive Care Unit, M.Eng., MIT, January 2018.
Makar, Maggie, Learning the Probability of Activation in the Presence of Latent Spreaders, M.Sc., MIT, May 2017.

Liu, Yun, Applying Domain Knowledge to Clinical Predictive Models, PhD., MIT, May 2016.

Blalock, Davis, Feature Flocks” Accurate Pattern Discovery in Multivariate Signals, M.Sc., MIT, May 2016.

Zhao, Amy, Applying Video Magnification Techniques to the Visualization of Blood Flow, M.Sc., MIT, May 2015.

Kerr, Mathew, Applying Machine Learning to Event Data in Soccer, M.Eng., MIT, May 2015.

Yuan, Danny, Application of Machine Learning to Consumer Credit Risk Analysis, M.Eng., MIT, May 2015.

Singh, Anima, Leveraging Hierarchical and Temporal Information in Electronic Health Records in Building Predictive Models from EHR Data, Ph.D., MIT, March 2015.

Kates, Mitchell, Player Motion Analysis: Automatically Classifying NBA Plays, M.Eng., MIT, September 2014.

I, Zahoor, Learning Connections in Financial Time Series, Ph.D., MIT, August 2014.

Wiens, Jenna, Learning to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections: Leveraging Data Across Time and Space to Improve Local Predictions, Ph.D. MIT, May 2014.

Gong, Jen, Improving Clinical Risk-stratification Tools: Instance-transfer for Selecting Relevant Training Data, M.S., MIT, May 2014.

Wang, Michelle, Predictive Ability of Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers in Diagnosing and Evaluating Parksinson’s Disease, Meng, MIT, May 2014.

Brooks, Joel, Discrimination of Alcoholics from Non-Alcoholics Using Supervised Learning on Resting EEG, M.S., MIT, October 2013.

Balakrishnan, Guha, Analyzing Pulse From Head Motions in Video, M.S., MIT, September 2013.

Kharbouch, Alaa, Automatic Detection of Epileptic Seizure Onset and Termination using Intracranial EEG, Ph.D., MIT, March 2012.

Ganeshpapillai, Gartheeban, Methods to Improve the Signal Quality of Corrupted Multi-Parameter Physiological Signals, M.S., MIT, April 2011.

Singh, Anima, Risk Stratification of Cardiovascular Patients Using a Novel Classification Tree Induction Algorithm with Non-Symmetric Entropy Measures, M.S., MIT, February 2011.

Qureshi, Asfandyar, Power-demand Routing in Massive Geo-distributed Systems, Ph.D., MIT, September 2010.

Jenna Wiens, Machine Learning for Patient-Adaptive Ectopic Beat Classification, MS., MIT, April 2010.

Shih, Eugene, Reducing the Computational Demands of Medical Monitoring Classifiers by Examining Less Data, Ph.D., MIT, January 2010.

Shoeb, Ali, Application of Machine Learning To Epileptic Seizure Onset Detection and Treatment, Ph.D., MIT, October 2009.

Syed, Zeeshan, Computational Models for Physiological Data, Ph.D., MIT, August 2009.

Fan, Irene, A Collaborative Video-Conferencing System for Improving Care During Neonatal Transport, MEng, MIT, May 2009.

Sung, Phil, Risk Stratification By Analysis of Electrocardiographic Morphology Following Acute Coronary Syndromes, MEng, MIT, January 2009.

Carlisle, Jennifer, Tavarua: A Mobile Telemedicine System Using WWAN Striping, MS, MIT, May 2007.

Leeds, Daniel, Assisted Auscultation: Creation and Visualization of High Dimensional Feature Spaces for the Detection of Mitral Regurgitation , M.Eng., MIT, May 2006.

Tan, Godfrey, Improving Aggregate User Utilities and Providing Fairness in Multi-rate Wireless LANs , Ph.D., MIT, October 2005.

Qureshi, Asfandyar, Flexible Application Driven Network Striping Over Wireless Wide Area Networks, M.Eng., MIT, February 2005.

Faulkner, Edward, Interactions Between TCP and Link Layer Protocols on Mobile Satellite Links, M.Eng., MIT, September 2004.

Garg, Deepali, A Tool for Hemodynamic Data Analysis, M.Eng., MIT, May 2004.

Yi, Gina, A Software Toolkit for Acoustic Respiratory Analysis, M.Eng., MIT, May 2004.

Shoeb, Ali, Patient-Specific Seizure Onset Detection, M.Eng., MIT, September 2003.

Gift, Jason A., Carotid Collar: A Device for Auscultory Detection of Carotid Artery Stenosis, M.Eng., MIT, August 2003.

Syed, Zeeshan H., MIT Automated Auscultation System, M.Eng., MIT, May 2003.

Tan, Godfrey, Self-organizing Bluetooth Scatternets, SM Thesis, MIT, Jan 2002.

Welborn, Matthew, Flexible Signal Processing Algorithms for Wireless Communications, Ph.D., MIT, May 2000.

Rao, Sunil, An Architecture for Adaptable Wireless Networks, M.Eng., MIT, May 2000.

Evans, David, Policy-Directed Code Safety, Ph.D., MIT, February 2000.

Vaconcellos, Bret, Parallel Signal Processing for Everyone, M.Eng., MIT, December 1999.

Twyman, Andrew, Flexibile Code Safety for Win32, M.Eng., MIT, May 1999.

Chiu, Andrew, Adaptive Channels for Wireless Networks, M.Eng., MIT, May 1999.

Wu, Chia, A Software 8-VSB Receiver for ATSC Digital Television, M.Eng., MIT, May 1999.

Bose, Vanu, Virtual Radios, Ph.D., M.I.T, February 1999.

Wetherall, David, An Extensible Network Architecture, Ph.D., M.I.T., December 1998.

Johnson, Ed, A Protocol for Network Level Caching, M.Eng., May 1998.

Santos, Jonathan, Reducing the Network Load of Replicated Data, M.Eng., MIT May 1998.

Houh, Henry, Building Networks for Tomorrow’s Traffic, Ph.D., MIT, January 1998.

Murphy, David, Building an Active Node on the Internet, M.Eng., MIT, May 1997.

Stasior, Willliam, An Interactive Approach to the Identification and Extraction of Visual Events, Ph.D., MIT, June 1997.

Stata, Raymond, Modularity in the Presence of Subclassing, Ph.D., M.I.T., May 1996.

Leeb, Angelika, A Flexible Object Architecture for Component Software, S.M., May 1996.

Risacher, Sheryl, Building an Intelligent Tutoring System for the T-37B Flight Manual, M.Eng., May 1996.

Sarma, Sahana, Using Knowledge-Based Program Transformation to Develop Radio Software, M.Eng., M.I.T., May 1996.

Grossman, Brian, An Algebraic Tutoring System, M.Eng., M.I.T., February 1996.

Gupta, Neeraj, Analyzing Compute-Intensive Software Performance, M.S., M.I.T, May 1995.

Crandall, William, Metrics for Measuring the Value of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Systems, M.S., M.I.T., May 1994.

Evans, David, Using Specifications to Check Source Code, M.S., M.I.T., May 1994.

Seto, Roy, Static Conformance Checking for Matrices, M.S., M.I.T., May 1994.

Tan, Yang Meng, Using Specifications to Develop Interfaces, Ph.D., M.I.T., May 1994.

Chew, Chee, Creator, An Interactive Application Builder, M.S., M.I.T., May 1993.

Reinhold, Mark, Cache Performance of Garbage-Collected Programming Languages, Ph.D., M.I.T, September 1993.

Vandevoorde, Mark, Exploiting Specifications to Improve Performance, Ph.D., M.I.T., September 1993.

Jackson, Daniel, Aspect: A Formal Specification Language for Detecting Bugs, M.I.T., June 1992.

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