Voice Script: Dynamic Authoring of Audio with Linked Scripts
work with Wilmot Li and Fredo Durand
to be presented at UIST 2016
Voice Script Interface
Abstract: Speech recordings are central to modern media from podcasts to audio books to e-lectures and voice-overs. Authoring these recordings involves an iterative back and forth process between script writing/editing and audio recording/editing. Yet, most existing tools treat the script and the audio separately, making the back and forth workflow very tedious. We present Voice Script, an interface to support a dynamic workflow for script writing and audio recording/editing. Our system integrates the script with the audio such that, as the user writes the script or records speech, edits to the script are translated to the audio and vice versa. Through informal user studies, we demonstrate that our interface greatly facilitates the audio authoring process in various scenarios.
Paper (pdf 2.9MB)