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As a first step towards building integrations between MIT OpenCourseWare and online MITx courses offered on edX, we have begun experimenting with converting OCW courses into "edX bundles," a file format that can be used with the open-source edX platform.

One OCW course, 18.02SC (Multivariable Calculus, taught in 2010 by MIT Professor Denis Auroux), is now available as an edX course, which may be used immediately with the MITxVM setup.



  1. Visit the OpenCourseWare bundles for edX page, and either download the edX bundle, or grab the latest course source directly from the github repo.
  2. Unpack the 18.02SC course directory into the "data" subdirectory, ie next to edx4edx_lite. You should have directories like data/18.02SC/about after this.
  3. Run
    vagrant ssh -- xmanage restart-lms
    or reboot your VM.
  4. Browse to, and you should see the 18.02sc course ready for selecting and registering:
  5. Register for the course, and browse to courseware. Included is all the same content as in the OCW Scholar site for 18.02SC; here is a sample page image:

    Videos are included also:

    However, no automatically graded assessment problems are included: just the same static PDF's as are available at OCW.

License & Contributions

We welcome any community contribution to improve this content, eg by turning the static problems into interactive, auto-graded ones.

This content is provided under the terms of the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.