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RnRS Logos

These R3RS, R4RS, R5RS, and RnRS logos are my designs, and have no official standing. They visually pun the L0VE design of Robert Indiana, but use a different color for the digit to improve readability in the smallest size. The design for these logos was deliberately made distinct from that adopted by http://www.r6rs.org (R6RS) because R6RS is incompatible with the earlier standards.

PNGs were produced by ImageMagick "convert" rendering reductions from designs written in PostScript for 256x256 resolution. ICOs were created from PNGs by png2ico. The PNGs and ICOs have transparent backgrounds except for the 16x16 size in the ICO, which have white backgrounds (ICOs have only two levels of transparency). I am placing these designs in the public domain. Here are the PNG and ICO files:
64x64PNG RnRS_64.png R3RS_64.png R4RS_64.png R5RS_64.png
32x32PNG RnRS_32.png R3RS_32.png R4RS_32.png R5RS_32.png
16x16PNG RnRS_16.png R3RS_16.png R4RS_16.png R5RS_16.png
allICO RnRS.ico R3RS.ico R4RS.ico R5RS.ico

Copyright © 2008 Aubrey Jaffer

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